Art . performance . Digital art

Art Expression

Art Expression program is designed to offer creative space to individuals through a variety of mediums such as Painting, Sculpture, Mosaics, etc... 

Ian is fascinated with bugs and insects and uses this interest to create innovative and unique sculptures. His art is a great example of material transformation.

In this picture he is showing his cockroach mobile to his peers and staff which led to a collaboration between him and Matt another one of our artists.

Music & Performance

Music program offers weekly rehearsals in order to keep the consumers engaged in belonging to a group of artist who sing, dance, and spread positive vibrations with their performances.  

Consumers choose their favorite songs and over the course of weeks or months practice their role in a collective performance.


Digital Art

This is a user-friendly course. The consumers get exposure , learn, and practice the latest technology in the art world. We have created a collaborative atmosphere for everyone to join and participate in the process.

The Digital Art video-conferances uses share-screen technology both from the staff's (host) and the consumers' devices. We have practiced free-source softwares such as Microsoft Paint3D and and AutoDesk Sketchbook2D.

Peter created this landscape only after two  zoom classes using Sketchbook software.

Serving Adults, Differently Abled

  • Painting

  • Sculpture

  • mosaics

  • Dance

  • Sing

  • performance

  • Digital drawing

  • digital sculpture

  • Video edit